Orange 'Goal Digger' Motivational Bottle

Are you a gold digger or a GOAL digger? If its the latter then you've come to the right place. We want you to go out there and take whats yours and we'll keep you glowing every step of the way! 

NATIV Bottle is a water bottle with time measurements and motivational quote that helps you stay hydrated and encourages optimum health and wellbeing. It has a wide neck, making it easy to add ingredients, a flip up straw for effortless sipping, a rubber grip and easy carry handle. Simply fill up, drink down the left hand side of the schedule, refill and drink down the ride side. Two bottles a day equals the recommended daily allowance of water. Staying hydrated has never been so easy.

900ml | solid Tritan plastic | BPA free

Hand wash only | NOT suitable for dishwashers

*Be sure to take care of your bottle as it is made from solid plastic which can easily crack if dropped. Please refer to our warranty page for further details.

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